Where Stars Collide And Beauty Is Born!



Welcome to Southern Cross Alpacas, Inc.


The name of our farm comes from a small, but beautiful constellation in the shape of a cross.  It's name is Crux and is located  very close to the constellation of Centauras.


Explorers of the Southern Hemisphere use

Crux to guide them when sailing and to figure

out which direction to sail without getting lost.


As the Southern Cross is the smallest, but brightest

constellation.  We at Southern Cross Alpacas, Inc.

hope to be the brightest and to shine above and

beyond our greatest expectations.  Our goal is to

raise an excellent  Huacaya herd with the best

genetics, fiber and health possible.

If you are interested in buying alpacas, starting your own business or

would like to just stop by for a visit, please visit our CONTACT US page

for more information on how us to reach.  We look forward to seeing you!

Our two farms are located in

Hayesville, N.C. and in Brasstown, N.C., which both are close to the John C. Campbell Folk School.   Please visit us at either location and

and maybe stay awhile, we have




Alpacas are one of God's most enchanting creatures.  Our love for the alpaca's beauty is what started our desire to raise

alpacas.  The alpaca is just one of the many benefits of owning and raising alpacas.  It is a complete lifestyle change, both

family friendly and financially rewarding.  Needless to say the joy that they bring from just being around these magical



plenty of room and the alpacas love the company.